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    League of Legends Script: onay.png
    Valorant Software Aimbot: onay.png
    Valorant Hardware Aimbot [Recommended]: onay.png
    Valorant Spoofer: onay.png

    [22,03,2023]  LOL script updated for 13.6 version
    [08,03,2023]  LOL script updated for 13.5 version
    [23,02,2023]  LOL script updated for 13.4 version
    [09,02,2023]  LOL script updated for 13.3 version [ Fix for AA cancel problem - Kite optimization - Gangplank new logic - Aurelion-Sol new logic ]
    [11,01,2023]  LOL script updated for 13.1 version
    [07,12,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.23 version
    [16,11,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.22 version [ Some bugs fixed - AA reset problem fixed for some champs - Smite damage calculate updated ]
    [02,11,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.21 version [ Added MiniMap hack, Jungle mobs dead detector hack ]
    [19,10,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.20 version [ FPS improvements ]
    [24,08,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.19 version [ Evade improvements - New farm logic added - Some bugs fix - Crash problem fix ]
    [24,08,2022]  Valorant hardware aimbot has been added to the market. Click to BUY!
    [23,08,2022]  Our Valorant spoofer product has been added to the market with a discount. Click to BUY!
    [20,08,2022]  Valorant aimbot has been updated. For discounted prices Click to BUY!
    [17,08,2022]  LOL script updated full draw and normal version for 12.15.2 version
    [04,08,2022]  Performance optimization for Valorant aimbot.
    [27,07,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.14 version
    [13,07,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.13 version
    [23,06,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.12 version [ Evade optimization ]
    [10,06,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.11 version [ Bel'Vet added - only target selector mode added - Some bugs fixed ]
    [13,04,2022]  LOL script updated for 12.07 version [ Rengar New Logic ]


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  • lol script | league of legends script

    What is Nyrexscript, lol script, league of legends script?

    Lol script is a kind of artificial intelligence software in League of Legends. Because lol script has artificial intelligence, you can play like a professional player with one click. With our lol script product, you can win all ranked matches you play, boost elo and rise to the top leagues. After purchasing the script, it is suitable for your elon and your request. We are giving lol script config gift. You can create a ticket via discord to download lol script config

    Is lol script safe?

    Undetected internal lol script NyrexScript is lol script with special protection. Since we are an internal platform, the LoL script works with the game client, but after the script is active, the loader deletes all traces of it and closes itself, which allows our customers to use lol scripts without risking their LoL accounts. Our LoL Script has been undetected for 4 years thanks to our advanced anti-cheat system We are not only a cheating platform, but also a big family that gives pre- and post-sales support to our customers through the discord platform and cares about them! If you are reading this article, you can take the first step to join our family. NyrexScript was developed in partnership with high elo gamers and an experienced team of developers. NyrexScript gives you a big advantage over other players and gives you a visual warning of dangerous situations! You can buy the lol script after testing it. For this, create a ticket on our discord address and request your trial key!

    What are lol script features?

    • Evade: Helps you automatically get rid of all major enemy spells directed at you
    • OrbWalker: When you hold down the space key, your champion starts to move. It helps you to attack and kill your enemies on the go
    • Combo: He uses his skills to perform attack combinations with the Space key, lol script allows you to make correct combos of all champions to the enemy
    • Prediction: Guess the correct location of the enemy characters. Its easy to track your movements
    • Target Selector: It is a feature that allows you to automatically select a target for the script to which your attack and skills will be directed
    • Activator: Uses all items and summoner spells wisely. For example, when rengar jumps, he automatically escapes from rengar with "gale force", dragon and baron can use automatic smite, he can use many things such as fire-exhaustion-cleanse-qss automatically
    • Drawings: Drawing on the screen of invisible totems, my hero auto attack and spells range, enemy auto attack or spells range, the movement of opponents on the minimap and many other little things

    Lol script advantages:

    Thanks to Maphack, you can see your invisible enemies on the map and take a position before your enemies come to kill you. And your enemies and friends You can see all his spells and spells. You can see the invisible totems of your opponents, and get rid of the limits of the game thanks to various champion exploits. Example of exploits; With the Sion R skill, you can make a sharp turn to the right or left or to the enemy, and you can jump quickly while attacking your enemies thanks to kalista double jump.

    Lol script disadvantages:

    After using lol script for a long time, you can weaken your mechanics, you cannot play without using lol script. Like the keys (space - V - X) you use while using the script, When you close the software, you can use these keys by mistake because you are used to the lol script. When you do not use the script because you are constantly winning with the script You may not win the game, this may affect you negatively

    Lol script price table:

    The table showing the lol script prices is below

      Region Status Supported OS Price
    Lol script key global 1 day All Safe Win10 - Win11 2$
    Lol script key global 7 day All Safe Win10 - Win11 7$
    Lol script key global 30 day All Safe Win10 - Win11 15$
    Lol script key turkey 1 day Turkey Safe Win10 - Win11 1$
    Lol script key turkey 7 day Turkey Safe Win10 - Win11 6$
    Lol script key turkey 30 day Turkey Safe Win10 - Win11 9$

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    + How do I install lol script?

    • https://www.nyrexscript.com/topic/497-download-nyrexscript/ Download rar archive from link. Extract the software to the C:/ directory. Rar archive password is nyrexscript . You should turn off Windows Defender because of possible false positives

    + I bought the key and installed the lol script, what do I do now?

    • Must open the ''Prefer the old DX9 mode'' option in the Game section of the LOL Client settings Disable windows defender and windows firewall if no injection at all and clients closes after an attempt Discord overlay must be turned off. User settings > game overlay > game overlay enable must be turned off Install
    • Install => https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist/releases/download/v0.61.0/VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64_61.zip Extract the downloaded rar file to C:/ directory as a folder. Run the loader. Enter your key. After entering the key, Start the game when you see your remaining time. It will automatically injecte after entering the game

    + How do I load champion scripts?

    • All champion scripts are automatically loaded when you enter the game. You don't need to load anything!

    + The injector is running but nothing happens in game.

    • Windows defender and other antiviruses must be turned off Discord overlay must be turned off. User settings > game overlay > game overlay enable must be turned off

    + What scripts are included the lol script?

    • Evade
    • Orbwalker
    • Tracker
    • Awaraness
    • Prediction
    • Zoomhack
    • Skinhack
    • All Champions scripts
    • Multi-language support

    + Will my account be banned?

    • No

    + Which champions can I win easy games with lol script?

    • We support all champion scripts, but we've listed the easiest champions to win in ranked games;
  • valorant aimbot | valorant spoofer

    Valorant aimbot, valorant spoofer ?

    Valorant aimbot is a pixel base software for valorant and vanguard. Since it is a pixel base, it reads color from the outside. Valorant aimbot software focuses on the heads of enemies and when you shoot It helps you to hit your enemies easily. After purchasing the Valorant aimbot software, you can make your legit or rage settings on the site given to you, thanks to the adjustable web base config system.

    If you are banned from valorant, your computer's hwid information is banned. Even if you enter the game normally, you will constantly see the "VAN 152 - VAN 5" error and be banned. You can use valorant spoofer to remove hwid ban. To use Valorant spoofer, you must first buy it from the nyrex store. To get help after purchasing Valo spoofer, create a ticket on discord

    Is valorant aimbot safe?

    Our Valorant aimbot software does not interfere with vanguard and valorant in any way, you will never be banned because it is external. Also for your safety We detect a possible banwave in advance and close access to the valorant aimbot software. After starting Valorant aimbot, the software runs in the background and Thanks to our bypass method, it hides itself in the background. We also have a unique build system for each of our customers. Unique build system protects our customers from possible bans.

    What are valorant aimbot features?

    Valorant aimbot advantages:

    Thanks to the adjustable aimbot smoothing, you can play in the settings you want and kill your enemies easily. Even if you are a low elo player, you can reach the highest elo. You will always be one step ahead of your enemies!

    Valorant aimbot disadvantages:

    After playing with Valo aimbot software for a long time, it will be a bit difficult to play without software. Because you are used to the amazing features that valo aimbot gives you, and it will not be easy to kill enemies without valo aimbot software

    Valorant aimbot price table:

    Below is the table showing Valorant aimbot types and prices;

      Region Status Supported OS Price
    Valorant software aimbot key global 1 day All Safe Win10 - Win11 4$
    Valorant software aimbot key global 7 day All Safe Win10 - Win11 7$
    Valorant software aimbot key global 30 day All Safe Win10 - Win11 15$
    Valorant hardware aimbot key global 30 day Turkey Very Safe Win10 - Win11 50$
    Valorant hardware aimbot key lifetime Turkey Very Safe Win10 - Win11 150$

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    + How do I install valorant aimbot?

    For Valorant software aimbot;

    + I bought the key and installed the valorant aimbot, what do I do now?

    + What is the difference between Hardware version and Software version?

    + I installed Valo aimbot but nothing happened in game

    + What are Valorant aimbot features?

    + Will my valorant account be banned?

    + I was banned from Valorant and I'm constantly getting banned automatically. What should I do ?

    + Does valorant spoofer work on my computer?

    + Is windows reinstall required to use Valorant spoofer?

    + Do i have to reuse after every restart?

    + How long will it take to set it up?

    • Aimbot: When you press the left mouse click on the enemy's head is locked. You can change aimbot locking target, change aimbot locking speed from web menu.
    • Triggerbot: When you hold down the button you selected for the trigger bot from the menu, it fires very quickly at the enemy it sees. Recommended for operator and sheriff use only.
    • Flick aimbot: When you press the button you selected for flick aimbot from the menu, if there is an enemy in the fov, it will shoot at the enemy quickly. Recommended weapons for flick aimbot; sheriff - guardian - ghost
    • Recoil Control System: Through to the RCS, it automatically pulls down when you shoot at the enemy. Helps you kill your enemies and avoid gun recoil
    • Automatically update system: When you start the valorant aimbot software, your program is automatically updated thanks to this feature. You can always use valorant aimbot with its best performance because of the updated version
    • StreamProof: Using this feature, you can broadcast and participate in tournaments. No one can prove you are using valorant aimbot
    • Web base config system: It is the feature that allows you to save your settings and change your settings
      • https://valoaimbot.com/ssh/ Download rar archive from link. Extract the software to the C:/ directory. You should turn off Windows Defender because of possible false positives
      • You must choose ValoSettings > General > Enemy Highlight Color > Purple [Tritanopia]
      • Install this https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist/releases/download/v0.61.0/VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64_61.zip
      • Your destkop resolution must be same on your game resolution
      • Extract the downloaded rar file to C:/ directory as a folder. Run loader and put your key. After making your settings in the ''settings'' section, press ''start'' button and go game
      • Hardware version is very safe. It works via electronic device. This is very difficult for Vanguard to detect. Before you buy a hardware key, you should buy an "arduino leonardo r3" card and connect it to the computer via USB.
      • Windows defender and other antiviruses must be turned off. If the problem still persists, create a ticket on discord.
      • Key adjustable aimbot
      • Key adjustable flick bot
      • Key adjustable trigger bot
      • Key adjustable auto shot
      • Adjustable fov
      • Adjustable Recoil control system
      • Adjustable rage or legit config
      • You will not be automatically banned. If you play rage you can be reported and banned
      • If you have hwid ban, you can buy valorant spoofer from the nyrex market and remove the hwid ban
      • Valorant spoofer works on all computers except "Dell-Alienware-Razer-Mac"
      • No, Windows Reinstall is not required
      • No, this can be done once
      • For beginners its between 10-15 Mins - For advanced users, its around 5 minutes

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