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If you want to work with NyrexCommunity and make content with us, we require you to meet certain requirements that we have, these requirements are as follows:

Videos must be in HD Quality.
Your channel must get atleast 250 views per video.
Your channel must have a minimum of 100 subscribers. (Real ones)
Your channel must have videos that relates to gaming.

As a promoter with us, you also have some benefits like these:

Free access to our products
Payment for each video if your channel is large enough.
Special Rank in this website and on our discord server & more.
If you are interested in becoming a promoter, please contact us through our ticket system, don't forget to write the following:

- Your YouTube Channel
- What game you want to upload, if multiple then list all the ones you can.
- When can you have the videos out?

Our staff will forward this to the administrators who will give you an answer within 12 hours.

Discord: https://nyrexscript.com/discord

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