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  1. League of Legends should be on C:/ disk
  2. You need to set the League of Legends screen mode to "borderless"
  3. Must open the ''Prefer the old DX9 mode'' option in the Game section of the LOL Client settings
  4. Download and Extract the NyrexScript.rar into a folder on your Disk C:/
  5. Run NyrexScript.exe  and enter the key (CLICK to buy LOL script key)

If you see the time you have left when you click the "LOGIN" button, everything is fine.
- If the script is active in the game, the loader closes itself. You have to open the loader each time before entering the new game

  • Error: Game crashing when pressing Shift
  • Fix:  Besure to have only english letters in ur Foldername and the Folder is within C:/
  • Error: No any NyrexScript injection
  • Fix1: Must open the ''Prefer the old DX9 mode'' option in the Game section of the LOL Client settings
  • Fix2: Disable windows defender and windows firewall if no injection at all and clients closes after an attempt
  • Error: Game black screen problem
  • Fix: Discord overlay must be turned off. User settings > game overlay > game overlay enable must be turned off
  • Error: VCRUNTIME140.dll - mfc140u.dll - d3dx9_39.dll - d3dx9_40.dll etc.
  • Fix: https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist/releases/download/v0.61.0/VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64_61.zip
  • Error: Unluck time!
  • Fix: Create ticket and ask for hwid reset

    -If you're having trouble, you should create a ticket from Discord

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New Full Version🡆 12.18.3 Download NyrexScript [for LOL 12.18.468.3251]

New Normal Version🡆 12.18.3 Download NyrexScript [for LOL 12.18.468.3251]

Old Normal Version🡆 12.17.1 Download NyrexScript [for LOL 12.17.465.2427]

⮬ [ Rar Password: nyrexscript ] ⮭ 

EU West:                    ✅ Up to date and Safe
Brazil:                         ✅ Up to date and Safe
Turkey:                       ✅ Up to date and Safe
Russia:                       ✅ Up to date and Safe
Garena:                      ✅ Up to date and Safe
Ocenia:                       ✅ Up to date and Safe
              EU Nordic and East:               ✅ Up to date and Safe
              Latin America North:             ✅ Up to date and Safe
               Latin America South:              ✅ Up to date and Safe
    North America:             ✅ Up to date and Safe
            China:                                  ❌ Not Supported
Japan:                                  ✅ Up to date and Safe
Korea:                                   ❌ Not Supported

ayrac (1).png
[ Use keys ]

  • Left Shift : Menu ON/OFF
  • Space : Combo
  • V : Lane Clear
  • C : Harass
  • X : Last Hit
  • K : Evade ON/OFF

ayrac (1).png
[ Features ]

  • Evade: This function helps you dodge spells of opponents directed at you.
  • Prediction: Predicting the trajectory of enemy characters, it is easier to hit them with skills.
  • OrbWalker: Helps with last hits and attack while moving. Acceptance of high-skill players without training! Lots of tweaks.
  • Target Selector: Ability to configure in detail the priority of selecting targets for the script, in which your attacks and skills will be directed.
  • DelaySetting: Fine-tuning the delays between cheat actions, allows you to make your actions more natural, humane.
  • Activator: Automatically performs certain actions for you. For example: puts wards, knocks down castes on enemies, uses some items.
  • Combo: Uses skills to carry out combinations of attacks for you. The program prescribes the logic of the game of all champions, so it is quite easy to set up.
  • Drawing: Visual functions, drawing on the screen of noticed wards, cd of enemies, attack radius of various units, movement of opponents on the minimap and many other little things.
  • Tools: This tab contains additional settings for customization (choice of colors, transparency of menu items), language selection
  • Config System: allows you to save your settings in the config, so as not to bathe with it every time. You can also share your cfg with other players, or use someone else's.
  • Reliable anti-cheat bypass: We have tried on security and protection against bans, so if you play carefully, the chance of a ban is minimal, especially at low ranks.

ayrac (1).png

Hotfix is only Garena[Asia] Server !!!

How to check what League version you are on :

Here is how to check your League of Legends version the correct way.

Locate your League of legends.exe in your Riot folder.

  • Right click > Properties > Details tab

    Here you can see the version is 10.18.333.8889 in this case.

  • Riot Games\League of Legends\Game
  • Riot server HotFix:

  • Start LeagueClient.exe and login your LoL-account and leave your client open
  • Find LoL-path : C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game
  • Download + Unrar + Copy and Replace 2 files:

  • Garena server HotFix:

  • Same as Riot server HotFix
  • Garena LoL-Path C:\Garena\32787\Game

ayrac (1).png


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